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[FULL COURSE] RUN Mom Strong: Postpartum Foundations

My six-week course to help you better understand the needs of your postpartum body and progress back to running confidently - it’s so much more than simply core and pelvic floor!

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[VIRTUAL WORKSHOP] Return to Running Postpartum

My Return to Running Postpartum Virtual Workshop will help you understand the changes that happened in your body during pregnancy, break down exactly what that means for your running, and walk you through my 5 point strategy for effectively returning to running with strength and confidence.

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Postpartum "Ready to Run" Checklist

My Postpartum “Ready To Run” Checklist will walk you through exactly how to know when your postpartum body is strong and stable enough to run again.

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[VIRTUAL COACHING] 1-on-1 Monthly Coaching

Whether you're going for a BQ, a PR, finishing your first race, or simply wanting to run with strength and confidence, personalized coaching is the best way to go. 

I only take on a select number of 1-on-1 clients each month. Book a 15-minute strategy call (button below) or send me a message to figure out if we'll be a good fit.

[VIRTUAL COACHING] Full Virtual Assessment and Strategy Session

Through my efficient postural and movement assessment, we will identify the specific needs of your body (as they related to your goals) and create a custom strategy so that you can continue to perform without pain.

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Postpartum Exercise Blueprint

Immediately postpartum is NOT the time to jump back into exercise, but you don't have to (and likely shouldn't) wait until that 6-week mark to start laying the foundations with core and pelvic floor work.  This Postpartum Exercise Blueprint (for the first 6-8 weeks) will prepare your body to return to exercise and help your body heal.

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Pregnancy Workout Guidelines

Exercise during pregnancy is NOT just about modifying exercise. It requires a change of focus/strategy so that we can fully support our changing bodies! ​My Pregnancy Workout Guidelines will walk you through exactly how to do that WITH CONFIDENCE, trimester by trimester!

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