[FREE DOWNLOAD] Pregnancy Workout Guidelines


  • Your diaphragm (breathing muscle that’s super important to your core function) gets pushed up and stops functioning properly increasing the need for practice and awareness in your breathing.
  • Your pelvic floor is under extra pressure from the growing baby eventually causing the need to phase out high impact exercises, in most cases.
  • Your abs stretch out big time making it harder to manage core pressure/stability. Believe it or not, having the baby in there actually help provide some stability with the stretched abs, but soon that baby will be out and in your arms.
  • Your back muscles are overcompensating and tightening to make up for lack of ab strength and to handle extra front weight increasing the need to focus on back body mobility.
  • Your posture changes (and not for the better) during pregnancy AND from holding/feeding the baby after but we can increase our focus on exercises that help balance it back out.
  • The hormones raging through your body cause ligament laxity. Any other underlying muscular imbalances in your body might come out to play! Many of these hormones remain elevated during breastfeeding as well.
  • Your blood volume increases dramatically and that takes A LOT of energy! We need to closely monitor for fatigue and give grace when needed.
  • You may already be undergoing sleep deprivation (pregnancy insomnia is no joke) and increased psychological stress requiring more grace and appreciation for the work your body is doing.

It’s not just about modifying the exercises, it requires a change of focus/strategy so that we can fully support our changing bodies!

My Pregnancy Workout Guidelines will walk you through exactly how to do that WITH CONFIDENCE, trimester by trimester!

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