[FREE DOWNLOAD] Postpartum Exercise Blueprint

You just grew a whole human (or maybe even more than one) inside your body! Let that sink in for a second.

Then, you delivered that human through your vagina or an incision made through all of your abdominal tissue (muscles and other connective tissue). Now let that sink in…

Carrying a baby and childbirth can be beautiful experiences (though they certainly aren’t for all of us), but they’re still A LOT on your body!

Physical therapy or at the very least intentional rehab is prescribed for nearly every other injury or surgery, you deserve the same after growing and birthing a human!!!

While it’s unfortunately still not standard practice, I highly recommend you seek out the care of a pelvic floor physical therapist at some point in these first few months postpartum.

This Postpartum Exercise Blueprint is also a great place to start!

Technically, I'm supposed to tell you to wait until you are cleared for exercise to start. However, the outdated 6-week checkpoint is simultaneously too soon for some things (like getting back to higher intensity/impact exercise) but too late for others (like beginning the activities outlined in this blueprint). You can begin the first set of moves as early as 2-4 weeks postpartum.  Then, devote 2-3 weeks for each phase.

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