[FREE DOWNLOAD] Postpartum Exercise Blueprint

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Postpartum Exercise Blueprint

Immediately postpartum is not the time to just jump back into what you were doing before even if you worked out all the way up to the end of your pregnancy! 

Why?? During pregnancy and the first few weeks, postpartum your body went through A LOT! ​


  • Your diaphragm (breathing muscle that’s super important to your core) got pushed up and stopped functioning properly.​
  • Your ribs spread also affecting diaphragm function.
  • Your pelvic floor was under extra pressure from the growing baby – even with a c-section the pelvic floor takes a beating throughout the pregnancy. You may experience some prolapse or incontinence.
  • Your abs stretched out big time – loss of ability to manage core pressure/stability (Believe it or not, having the baby in there actually help provide some stability with the stretched abs. After birth, that stabilizer is gone too.).
  • Your back muscles had to overcompensate and tighten to make up for lack of ab strength and to handle extra front weight. Your body retrained your muscles to compensate, which makes them over-active and tight. We need to "un-train" this.
  • Your posture changed (and not for the better) during pregnancy AND from holding/feeding the baby after.
  • The hormones raging through your body caused ligament laxity. Any other underlying muscular imbalances in your body came out to play! Many of these hormones remain elevated during breastfeeding as well.
  • You’re undergoing significant sleep deprivation and psychological stress.

​Again, you can come back stronger than ever, but it takes more than just simply listening to your body and going slow. We need to be intentional (and patient)!

My Postpartum Exercise Blueprint will show you how to lay the foundations to set yourself up for success.

This Postpartum Exercise Blueprint is ideal for weeks 2-8 postpartum, but you can be months or years postpartum, apply these foundations for the first time and see changes.

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