[VIRTUAL WORKSHOP] Return to Running Postpartum

[VIRTUAL WORKSHOP] Return to Running Postpartum

My Return to Running Postpartum Virtual Workshop will:

  • Understand the changes that happened in the body during pregnancy
  • What exactly that means for running (potentially even years or decades later)
  • How intentional, specific strength training can be used to run again with strength and confidence. How simple tweaks can make a huge impact on your running performance!

....…AND have the steps to making it happen!

I’ll give a hint… The strategy is not to simply “listen to your body and go slow.”

How slow? What does listening to your body even mean? I’d argue that years of running or other athletic training have made this impossible. We’ve preconditioned ourselves to push through and “just do it.” It’s a lot harder to tune back in than you think.

Instead, I’ll provide you with a specific 5 point strategy for intentionally building back the strength needed to run with confidence!

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[Virtual Workshop] Return to Running Postpartum

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