[SELF PACED COURSE] Running for 2 U

All the Strategy You Need to Confidently Run with Strength in Pregnancy

In this self paced course you will learn:

✔  How to honor both your runner/athlete identity and your pregnant body at the same time.
✔  How to adjust your running programming during pregnancy and how to know when to push and when to rest.
✔  Why strength training becomes even more important for running during pregnancy.
✔  How to best structure your strength training sessions.
✔  What exercises to include in your strength training to support your running during pregnancy.
✔  How to choose which exercises to include into your plan to best meet the needs of YOUR body.
✔  Strategy for returning to running postpartum stronger than ever.

PLUS a set of Full Body Workouts specifically designed with these principles AND the guidance needed to integrate them seamlessly with what you are already doing (no matter where you are in your pregnancy journey).

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